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We also offer thorough and professional cleaning for your upholstery.

Getting your favourite upholstery items cleaned will also extend the life of the fabric so whether its your sofa, chairs, curtains or even car seats, we can bring them back to life.

 Upholstery Cleaning

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Eco Carpet Care and its cleaners also offer upholstery cleaning. We can clean most fabrics, and our process is like that used in our carpet cleaning, although we use various adapted hand tool to protect the upholstery and deep clean in any creases or button areas.

First, we inspect the furniture, assessing it so we can let you know what to expect from the cleaning. Next, we pre-condition the fabric to let our natural cleaning agents emulsify the dirt and stains. We follow this with a textile rinse and extraction to thoroughly remove soil and moisture. We then use high powered cold air dryers to accelerate drying time. Finally, we will use an upholstery brush to groom and leave fabric looking like new

Business carpet cleaning – Commercial & Domestic

Cleaning without harming!

The Eco Carpet Care network is setting a new standard in the UK for what is acceptable when having your commercial premises’ carpets and upholstery cleaned.

It is important for companies to lead the way in promoting the health of staff, visitors and the environment by making better choices, like reducing waste, reusing materials, and recycling and many carpet cleaning companies are now leading the Country in getting on board. Now we need to grasp further and significant new opportunities to shift course again relating to how we clean and what we use to clean, and this shift is particularly valuable to small business owners and larger business facilities managers.

The bar has been raised for carpet cleaners to meet this challenge. The result is cleaner indoor air, lower health risks for building occupants and staff, fewer liabilities, and far less environmental impact.

Our national service is particularly important with businesses and premises that are expected to offer safe indoor environments, such as;

  • Nurseries
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Care Homes
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Health Centres
  • Alternative Centres
  • Doctors/Dentists Surgeries
  • and more…

Let your staff and visitors and potential clients know that you care about them and the environment, contact our network today and arrange a no obligation consultancy